Become a member

There are two ways to become a member in our club, normal member or donor member.

Normal member:
In order to become a normal member, please contact us first via email ( and then we will meet you in our climbing wall as we have to know about your ability to climb and belay safely, and we have to inform you about the rules in our climbing wall.
The prices for normal members are 100€ per academic year (September to July); kids who need equipment (shoes, harness, belay device) pay 115€; and from three members on we ask 275€ per year.
Please do not pay your membership fee before having met us in the climbing wall!

Donor member:
As donor member you have the opportunity to support our climbing club financially and let us realize goals that may otherwise not be possible. If you wish then we add you to our email list and thus you will be informed about our activities. In addition, you will have the option of being placed on our online list of donor members. Our bank account details are
Kloterklub Niederanven a.s.b.l.
LU17 0019 2155 8468 4000
Under payment reference or purpose please add the following: donor member, your name, part of donor member online list yes/no, email list yes/no, potentially email address.

Donor member list:

1) Fernand Schmit, April 2018, 100€.




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